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Understanding the Indigenous Peoples’ Story in Canada

An interactive, 5-module, online course designed to increase Indigenous awareness.

  • Designed for individuals, companies and institutions to provide a solid starting point to build understanding, empathy and communication.
  • 5 modules; 20-40 minutes per module; quizzes after each module; completion certificate when finished; fully interactive.
  • Includes an eLearning platform to manage 100’s of users if needed with automated emails and real-time reporting.
  • $49.95 per learner.

Ready for individuals or small, medium and large organizations

Take the course as an individual learner or sign up your team or a group to access the course.

  • Built and hosted on a fully-functional eLearning platform
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What I enjoyed in particular about the course is the last module where you walk through history with your own family to see the impact on your community through time. I thought it was a really cool and interactive way to educate. I found the whole course was well done and is presented in a way where it isn’t boring at all”.

Tanya Dubé,
General Manager, Rainy River – Atkinson Camp
Sodexo Engineering & Construction Projects – Canada


This course provides a very balanced overview of the history of the indigenous people in Canada since the 1600’s. I came out of the course with a more open mind, ready to learn more.

James M.
Owner, SJM Inc., Toronto, ON



This course was commissioned by Anokiigamig Construction Group to meet the need for an easily-accessible indigenous awareness course for companies and institutions.

The content was researched and created by a team of indigenous experts in conjunction with Seven Generations Education Institute. The course is narrated by Joe Hunter from the Rainy River First Nation and Waawaategiizhigok (aka Shannon King) from the Otter Clan of the Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation.

The course programming along with graphics, videos and other interactive content were created by educational design experts at Deltanet International.

The course is designed to bring a balanced and educational tone to difficult topics in the interest of promoting understanding, empathy and communication.

Who is this course for?

  • Employees
  • Politicians
  • Public servants
  • Community Representatives
  • Students
  • Managers
  • Leaders
  • Educators
  • Sports Teams
  • Businesses in any sector
  • Contractors
  • Not-For-Profit organizations
  • Boards of Directors
  • Canadian citizens

Course Content

The course contains 5 modules, each of which take 15-30min to complete. Each module features video and animation, pictures and text. Each module has a quiz at the end – a score of 70% is required to pass and receive a certificate.


Module 1: Who are the Indigenous Peoples?

Module 1 covers the meaning of “indigenous”; the categorization of First Nations, Inuit and Metis; beliefs, ceremonies and culture; and relationship to the land.

Module 2: What is an Indigenous Nation?

Module 2 covers the characteristics of a nation – identity, territory, language and governance; intro to clan-based governance; the importance of being a nation.

Module 3: The Impact of History.

Module 3 covers relevant history including the role of the Vatican – Papal Bulls and the “doctrine of discovery”; early treaties; the Royal Proclamation; the Treaty of Niagara; intro to the numbered treaties; how the Crown and the indigenous nations’ views differed regarding these treaties and historical events.

Module 4: The Impact of Colonization.

Module 4 covers what is colonization; the confederation of Canada; the eleven numbered treaties; laws enacted since confederation concerning indigenous peoples; the creation of the reserve system; introduction of the Indian Act (1876); creation of the chiefs and council; changes to the Indian Act throughout the 19th and 20th centuries; the effect that colonization has had on the indigenous way of life.

Module 5: One Family’s Journey Through Time.

Module 5 follows a family through time and shows the effect on one family of colonization and everything this brought with it. This includes background on sickness (smallpox etc.), land reserves, the world wars and treatment of veterans, residential schools, Indian “status”, promising steps since 1991 and a final summary to date.

Sample Content

The content of the modules consists of custom videos and animations, graphics, and text. The course has narrated audio throughout. As an example of the content, here is a sample of a user starting Module 1 – you can see the video, hear the narration, and watch as the user navigates the first part of the course.

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